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What Happens at a Writing Retreat?

So you want to write something.

No, you want to take a break somewhere, away from your everyday routine and distractions — work, Netflix, laundry, your cat. And you want to write, just write.

So you sign up for a week-long creative writing retreat. Like ours. You book your flight, pack your laptop, notebook, and camera. And you arrive at the writing retreat venue, suddenly in a strange place, in the company of strangers.

Now what?

I know how you feel.

As a frequent traveller and enthusiastic participant of writing retreats and writing courses all over Europe and Asia, believe me — I’ve been besieged with anxiety, trepidation, and a feeling of just wanting to go back to the familiar comforts of my own city.

Every time I sign up for a writing workshop, retreat or class, I tell myself I got this, I know what will happen, I know what to expect. I will write! And yet, there’s always something about being in an unfamiliar place with a roomful of strangers whom you'll be working and living with for a week that can either set you back or move you forward.

The thing is, a writing retreat always helps you — and your story — move forward.

I’ve embarked on a dream project — I’ve founded Words and Wanderlust, a six-day creative writing retreat brimming with writing courses to be held this summer on June 7-13, 2020 in one of my favorite places in the world: Tbilisi, Georgia.

At Words and Wanderlust, we believe in paying it forward. We hope for you to be inspired, to be part of a community, to forge lifelong friendships, to open up a path for publication. To do that, you’ll want to know what to expect. To ease your anxieties, here’s what a day at our writing retreat looks like:

9 AM

We’ll have breakfast together at the gorgeous dining space of our fabulous accommodation, the stunning Communal Hotel. It’s a cozy and stylish boutique hotel right at the heart of Tbilisi old town and a five-minute walk to the coolest cafes, shops, restaurants and historical sights.

10 - 11:30 AM

Led by one of our award-winning authors, we start our morning writing workshop with a lively lecture, writing exercises, creative group work and lots of ideas — designed to inspire, jumpstart your writing and get you closer to your goal of being published.

12 - 2:00 PM

After freshening up, we’ll take to the streets of Tbilisi. Lunch awaits in an atmospheric restaurant nearby like Purpur — we’ve arranged a different lunch venue every day, so you can partake of Georgia’s incredibly tasty cuisine. There are lots of vegan options, too!

2:30 - 4 PM

We go back in for our afternoon workshop, to flex our writing muscles and get creative. Expect more practical writing advice, techniques and bon mots from our authors to further your writing fluidity and get you inspired.

4 - 7:00 PM

Time on your own to write and explore. Immerse yourself in Tbilisi’s growing café culture, get lost in its charming alleys for a dose of old-world architecture, visit one of its unique art galleries. If you’re in the mood, we can take a guided tour of Tbilisi, ride the cable car to Narikhala Fortress for sweeping views of the city, or sift through antiques and art at the Dry Bridge Market, the locals' most-loved flea market!

7 - 8:00 PM

We gather at a gorgeous venue like The Writer’s House of Georgia for aperitifs, craft talks, readings, and relaxed mingling. Here, we partake of Georgia’s famous Saperavi wine and sample local snacks as participating and guest authors read from their work, talk about the craft, and answer your questions — all in an easy, fun atmosphere.

8:30 PM

We’ll have a scrumptious dinner with the group at a charming Georgian restaurant or if you wish, blissfully on your own.

Interested in joining? Reserve your spot here.

Have you joined a writing retreat? How was your experience? Feel free to share in the comments!

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