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Tbilisi's hidden beauty — if you know where to look

In Tbilisi, there's a hidden treasure in every corner.

You can travel to where everyone else is going — or, you can take the less-beaten path. Call them underrated places, up-and-coming destinations, or simply overlooked cities. Tbilisi, Georgia is one such city: creative, eccentric, artistic and oh-so-beautiful — and yet, still not on everyone's radar. When I mention Tbilisi, people balk.

"Wait—how do you pronounce that?"

"Are you going to the States?"

"Where is this Georgia?"

"Is it safe there?"

I don't blame them. I myself wasn't aware of this amazing country until three years ago. But I was curious, hungry for inspiration, and was a middle-aged travel addict. So I packed up and booked a flight. First time I came, I fell in love. Hard. With the culture, the people, the city, the wine, the breathtaking countryside. Since then, I've traveled to Georgia for more times than I should — always dreaming, always inspired. I've stayed on different occasions, different seasons, written parts of my novel here. I've met friends who will remain so for life.

I've traversed the whole country from north to south, east to west. The rumours are right: Georgia is gorgeous. More importantly, this is a country that can truly nurture you as a writer, sometimes without even trying.

So an idea came. I wanted to write, and I wanted to help others write their story. I've designed Words and Wanderlust, my six-day creative writing retreat on June 7-13, 2020 for writers, artists, poets, and lovers of travel who seek to be inspired as they write, create, discover and find ways to satisfy and express their curiosity.

Somehow, this country has become mine. Georgia can be yours, too.

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