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There's no other place on earth like Georgia!

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

The towers of Ushguli, a remote village in Georgia's Svaneti region.

"There's no other place on earth like Georgia," writes National Geographic photographer and writer Aaron Huey. His piece "Off the beaten track in Georgia" may sound upbeat, but it's actually a poignant story on a truly Georgian experience. Thank you, National Geographic and madloba, Aaron Huey!

I'm especially moved. I've been traveling to Georgia every chance I get for the past three years. I've not only discovered the many jaw-dropping, breathtaking sites and landscapes that this country possess, but I've also experienced the extreme and unique kindness, caring, passion, and loyalty of its people. I have made lifelong friends. Mr. Huey conveys it best in both his spectacular photos and words.

Because of this, I founded Words and Wanderlust, which I've envisioned to be a continuous series of writing retreats led by award-winning authors in inspiring locations all over the world. The first one, is of course, in Tbilisi, Georgia. We've reserved the entire Communal Hotel, one of Tbilisi's ultra-stylish yet super comfortable boutique hotels as our base.

Maybe it's time for a break. We'll be waiting for you in Georgia. on June 7-13, 2020.


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