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Is a writing retreat right for me? Is Tbilisi, Georgia safe? We've answered your questions!

You know — you absolutely know you need a writing retreat. Like ours!

But, you also need to know what you’re getting into. Will you have time to actually write? Can I afford it? Is Tbilisi, Georgia safe? And, how can you actually get there? Below, our answers to some of your pressing questions!

Frida Kahlo in Tbilisi, Georgia Writers Retreat
I've found Frida in Tbilisi! A bonus of writing retreats? Discovering creative spaces like this!

How do I know if this writing retreat is right for me?

Words and Wanderlust is open to all writers of any level who wants to write. If you feel you have a story to tell and are seeking focus and inspiration, a beautiful location and space, expert guidance, the support of like-minded people and time away from your usual routine to fulfill your dream of a novel, a short story or a memoir — then this writing retreat is for you! Our retreat is set in a stunning location that’s inspiring and conducive for writing, and we’ve chosen world-famous, award-winning authors to share first-hand, insiders' knowledge on writing and be part of your writing journey. 

I have a writing project, but I haven't published anything. Can I still participate? 

Of course! Our writing retreat is designed to help and guide you towards strengthening your writing, gaining confidence, receiving support and getting feedback on your work — so you can ultimately be on the road to publication. At Words and Wanderlust, you’ll get expert advice, tips, insiders' tips and first-hand insights — whether you’ve just an idea for a novel or short story or are already in the midst of a writing project.  

Will I have enough free time to write and explore?

Definitely, yes! Words and Wanderlust is for lovers of writing and travel, and we’ve structured all of our six-day writing retreat so you can have the opportunity to discover and explore the exciting city of Tbilisi, recharge, relax and reset yourself for increased creativity, or simply focus on writing on your own. Workshops are not compulsory, and we encourage you to take what you feel you need to get you on your writing mode at this time.

How affordable is Georgia as a travel destination?

Georgia is a fascinating, up-and-coming country that has incredible things to offer. There's a reason why Forbes Magazine announced in 2018 that "Georgia's Capital is This Year's Most Exciting City." Here, you’ll find fresh produce, scrumptious local dishes, and excellent organic wine along with artistic spaces, picturesque vineyards, amazing historical sites and an 8,000 history of wine-making — which means that delicious, reasonably-priced food and drinks are available almost everywhere. Tbilisi is a walkable city and getting around is easy via the city's cheap and efficient public transportation.

Is Tbilisi, Georgia safe?

Georgia is a safe country to visit any time of the year, with one of the lowest crime rates in Europe. Georgia is safer for visitors than in major European cities like London, Barcelona, Paris, or Rome, as petty theft isn’t common and scams are practically non-existent. Georgians as a people are friendly, warm, and genuine. So yes, it is easy to feel calm, relaxed and at ease while going around Tbilisi and exploring the rest of Georgia. 

How do I get to Tbilisi?

There are numerous flights from various cities in Europe that fly direct to Tbilisi via Georgian Airways as well as different airlines. Flight times can take from 1.5 hours to four hours depending on where you are. From Asia, you can fly via the Middle East — Dubai, Doha, Abu Dhabi, Manama and Istanbul. Regardless of where you are, our team is more than happy to help you arrange your flights, work schedules, and advise you on the best routes!

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