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structuring your novel

plotting and STRUCTURING YOUR novel

course topic 1

How do stories work? Learn how to move your story forward, create tension for your chapters, build conflict for your scenes and effectively plan your novel or short story to give your readers a compelling, page-turning read. Whether you’ve an idea for a novel or short story — or are already in the middle of a project, we'll help you fine-tune the framework, strengthen the elements of structure, find focus for your story — and ultimately improve your writing’s impact.   

Turning life into story

course topic 2

Stories have intentions, and storytelling is about exploring life. Turn memories into memoir, feed your fiction with reality. We’ll guide you on how to write your best story using the ultimate inspiration: you. Your own life can influence your storytelling, and we’ll help you transform real-world people, moments, and events into fresh, unique characters, scenes and plots — so you can write from life with more confidence, fluidity and strength. 

Creating compelling characters

course topic 3

Characters can propel your story. We’ll help you create characters that will live in the minds of your readers, long after they’ve finished reading your story. Learn how to make each character count and develop character personalities that are whole, believable, and evolving. We’ll guide you with techniques on how to bring your characters to life and delve deeper into their psychology: their needs, wants, secrets, quirks, and elements of surprise. We’ll be there to help you create a protagonist that your readers will root for!

getting your work published

course topic 4

How do you get a book published? What do agents and publishers want? Learn what the industry is looking for and how best to submit your work. We’ll guide you on what you need to do to give your work the best chance of getting published with tips on pitches, query letters, and synopses. Learn how to navigate and understand the process and business of publishing. Even if you’re in the middle of writing your novel or short story, you’ll want to know the challenges up ahead and maximize your chances for success. 

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